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Fantastic health services in Princeton

Whether you're raising a family, in the early stages of family planning, or just need a trustworthy doctor to turn to for life's little aches and pains, Bluestone Health Center has everything you need. As your trusted source of quality medical services in Princeton and the surrounding areas, we offer a wide range of quality services that are sure to fit your family, including everything from pediatrics and adult health services to breast cancer screenings and maternity care. Our experienced and qualified staff is compassionate, friendly, and eager to provide you with the absolute best health services.

About our company

Bluestone Health Center is a non-profit organization operated by Bluestone Health Association. Since 1979, we've dedicated our services to providing the best healthcare needs to the children and adults in Princeton and surrounding towns. We never discriminate based on race, religion, color, age, sex or physical ability, and our facility is fully handicap-accessible. This center is partially funded by US Public Health Services and the WV Bureau for Public Health and Black Lung Grant monies.

Bluestone Health Association has Mal-Practice coverage under Federal Tort Claim Act (FTCA) through Federal Government. 
Fantastic health services for families in Princeton, WV

Our Providers

At Bluestone Health Center, we're proud to have such an amazing group of medical providers on staff to assist with all of your medical needs. For more information on a specific doctor, just give us a call at 304-431-5499.
  • William C Bird, M.D. Family Medicine 
  • Ronald Billips, M.D. Family Medicine
  • Heather M Cook, PA-C Family Medicine
  • Brandi Huffman, PA- C Family Medicine
  • Sabrina Huffman, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Tracy Mckenzie, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Kala White, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Jenine Ward, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Samantha Nunley, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Robin Riddle, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Amanda Neal, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Heather Green, C-FNP Family Medicine
  • Toni Katona, C-FNP Family Medicine

Our philosophy

It is our goal to make health services available for the entire family and to coordinate the total health care needs of our patients. We believe in reducing serious health problems through early detection, continuing care, and patient education. Bluestone Health Center also offers special programs to people in our communities with special needs or risks and we always give consumers a voice in the delivery of their health services.


Bluestone Family Practice 
3016 E Cumberland Road, Bluefield, WV
Phone: 304-800-5923
Providers On Location
  • Ronald Billips, MD
  • Samantha Nunley, C-FNP
  • Robin Riddle, C-FNP
Prudich Medical Center
Simmons River Road, Montcalm, WV 24737
Phone: 304-589-3251
Fax: 304-589-5363
Provider On Location
  • Heather Green, C-FNP
  • Angela Sparks, C-FNP
Bluestone Medical Center
324 Oakvale Road, Suite 12
Princeton WV, 24740
Provider On Location
  • Amanda Neal, C-FNP
  • Tracy McKenzie C-FNP
Southern Bluestone Health Center
200 12th St Extension, Princeton, WV
Phone: 304-431-1400
Provider On Location
  • Toni Katona, C-FNP
Bluestone Health Center
3997 Beckley Rd, Princeton, WV 24740
Phone: 304-431-5499
Provider On Location
  • William C. Bird, MD
  • Heather M. Cook, PA- C
  • Brandi Huffman, PA-C
  • Sabrina, Huffman, C-FNP
  • Kala White, C-FNP
  • Jenine Ward, C-FNP
For more information, give us a call at 304-431-5499!
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